Fish and Fleas


I have made gods out of men before,
But you make me doubt God’s inexistence.



I know you don’t want to listen to me anymore, but you hear me nonetheless. My voice forces itself into your thoughts. I have become your conscience, your constant companion in absence. I know I am with you, phantom that you cannot exorcise.

I am your lover, who devastated you with her love. Sheer volcanic force. Nothing will be the same before me, or after me.

My dreams of you are unceasing. In every shape you appear as my killer, my lover, my rapist, my father, my friend, and my bitterest enemy. Sometimes god, perpetual man. Always there, I hallucinate you present when I feel you slipping.

You are my lover, who devastated me with your love.

Nothing has been the same before you, or after you.



They keep wheeling around.

Lured in by the scent
Of woman and rotting mind.
My body’s meat
Enticing them





Réflexions d’une pou

Il m’a dit: “On est dans la merde.”



Pas nécessairement.


Cherry stone


His white teeth pierced through
Cherry purple blood skin.

My sweet flesh hung raw .
Juice poured down his chin.

Infinite greed,
With its compass forked tongue.

Tearing into my pulp,
When I was too young.

Insatiable bite,
Hungry mouth vampire black


His tooth met my heart
With a violent “ack! ack!”

My taste sour sharp,
made him suck in his breath.

The stone kept me strong
From Beelzebub’s death.

Dried blood on his face
He swilled me around.

Tongue invading my cracks
No more flesh to be found.

He ate all my fruit,
and still thrusted for more.

Frustrating him most
Was this stone at my core.

My cherry stone self
Fibrous soul, heart, and I.

The devil spat out,
Cursing promise as lie.


he failed to remember,
When he made me his wife


That in rich dark soil
I give cherries for life.


Instead he consumed
Taking all, giving none


And now he is begging
For more cherries – “just one!”

He had little patience
That black spirit of old.


Now dreaming of cherries
He lies starved in the cold.


North of America


I am too human
To be your Machine.

I wake up
To the Ritual

You are the Other.
The one who confounds me.
Betrays me.

You are a willing machine
Because you know
Nothing else.

Hello, Robot.

How are you today?

Did you trim your lawn?
Did your wife decided to stay?

Hello, Robot.

Did your work your life away?





Ruminating and masticating
On the cud of my departure.

Cloying bitter taste
Clinging to swollen tongue.

Clouding fingertips memory
Of silken skin.

Fog stuffs the room
reek of an ending.

Fumigating hearts eyes
With treacherous tendrils.

Overpowering stench
Of inglorious finale.



The night I swallowed you whole,
You mistook my stomach for a womb,
And thought I was safety.


But I am the lioness,
You the lamb.

I bit down hard,
That night I swallowed you
Into my whole.


Dreamsden Bomber


The Dreamsden bomber
Struck whilst you slept.


Snuck in through sulphurous cracks
In your thickened night sky.

You awaken from avatar dreams

Sun eyed

Porcelain spined.


Vivisectioned and uterine.



You crawl

Through flattened soulcity rubble


Dragging bloated eyelids and marble limbs
Across the scenes of your destruction.




Everything is borrowed.

My skin is crawling,  my
Soul is screaming for
release, the
Feeling of anxious fear
Is gripping me and
Swaying me.

toppling me
Over the tiny saplings of
Strength and self that I am
Trying desperately to grow
as the monsoon arrives and

I am the wind.
I cannot grasp onto anything
I destroy everything
In my path.

The tiny tree roots have been

I eat my strength and
The hurricane inside
Becomes jumbled.

The houses built of human beings.

The debris of my heart
The rubble of my love
The dead glassy eyes of my time.

I have sucked them all up.

There is air inside my soul
And you are all storm chasers
Mesmerized and
on the adrenalin I feed.

Destructive beauty holding you,

Enthralled fools
Reaching blindly for the eye.

They build
Towering turrets to the sky

through grey funnel
A babbling Babel

Teetering down to Paradise.

My soul tries to wrap itself.
To tame.

But you cannot stop the winds.

You cannot hold them back and
I break out.

More powerful and dangerous
More beautiful and destructive
Than before.


Dancing Sufi

Without a body’s words
Souls cannot speak
Listen close!
There exists a cosmos
Within your screams
To the lonely night.

Love the launch

Of your voice
Into the void.

O human!
Keep your heart crimson
And your eyes wet.



Inventing love in
A grain of wall.


In a brown winter vineyard
Full of the abandoned
twisted tree souls,
Screaming at the root.

Inventing god and
Flee(t)ing happiness.

I woman animal woman animal woman animal woman I You animal woman woman woman animal woman

Howling naked on skinned knees
On the edge of the abyss.

Lover without her lover


Lament shaped and

Shrouded in light
On her morgue slab bed.

The Women

The women are patient.
Measuring their cloth, tea,
Length of hair.

They sit
Feet open

Splay palmed.

The women are waiting.
All busy, with their loss and pain.

Their distraction a repainted mirror frame.

Souls expanding on a Persian rug
Cat stretched,

To forget
To learn
That we are a birth a death a life a veil a knife a heart broken vase token

The women are waiting, yet again.



She dances like Eve


Gyrating to the bells

Gliding to the violins

Getting down to the drums.



I found god

In the moment fear
Left my body.

I found myself
In the moment
I left you.

I am every instant,
You just a moment.






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